24-29 Sept 2019

About the festival

Manifesto – Goals and concept

Why City in Transition Festival?
We need a change now. Immediately. Our Planet Earth is crying for help and even immediate change could be too late for humanity. We must get from climate change to radical transition! We need changes in our thinking and in our actions! We have to analyse the current problems in a complex way, through the Sustainable Development Goals, to be able to give long-run and sustainable answers for the local and global problems.

How are we going to achieve our goals?
We will bring different disciplines together with a great mix of nationalities, cultures and languages to develop a new sustainable and inclusive city. In our case, this city is Zürich. If we succeed, we can adapt the ideas and actions to further cities all around Switzerland, Europe and globally. Many of the problems are already defined on different levels and some institutes, firms, organisations and communities are already taking actions, but these actions are still very isolated. We will bring all these local and global developments together during the festival in Zürich to create an interdisciplinary and intercultural melting pot for new sustainable and inclusive action-based developments.

Some of our co-partners

Festival program and locations

24 – 29 September, 2019

Wednesday evening
Our common Zürich – Photography workshop
Location: GZ Bäckeranlage
Time: 18:30 – 22:00

  Zürich already has an amazing diversity of nationalities, languages and viewpoints through its residents, but there is very little intercultural exchange between these citizens. Our photography workshop “Our common Zürich” brings together these different perspectives, generates a discussion and starts developing a new common Zürich, where diversity is embraced and highlighted and new common […]

Friday evening
New ways of making the city – Open cinema and discussion
Location: Stadionbrache Hardturm
Time: 20:00 – 22:00

  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ABGESAGT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry 🙁   ENGLISH + DEUTSCH ENGLISH The open cinema night will host one keynote speaker and a variety of short and longer films. The short films are powered by Urban Shorts and the longer film will be the Afghan Cycles. The topics will cover sustainable city developments and social change. From […]

Saturday afternoon
Agora – From competition to collaboration / Movement launch – Architecture is a Human Right – Workshop, presentations and open discussion
Location: Gessnerallee Nordflügel
Time: 14:00 – 20:00

  ENGLISH + DEUTSCH ENGLISH Our Agora and Movement launch day will follow the principle that together we are stronger. We believe that our societies have to move from competition to collaboration, developing healthier cities where inclusivity and sustainability are basic common values. We also believe that the levels of participation in city matters must […]

Sunday Whole day
“Closing event: Crafting an inclusive and sustainable society” – Brunch, kids programs and “Arts~in~Transition” Kick-Off
Location: Gessnerallee Nordflügel
Time: 11:00 – 20:00

  ENGLISH + DEUTSCH ENGLISH Sunday is our closing event! We want to meet all of you again in our most loyal venue, the Institution of Performing Arts, the Theater Gessnerallee. In this inspiring space, we will celebrate and explore our most creative side and explain how to move forward and actively build this sustainable […]

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